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Can Catholics Really Do Yoga?

 Yoga is not – and never will be – an exercise regime. In reality, and in the eyes of most people, it is intimately associated with the practice of Hinduism. Your participation in it could make it seem as if the practice of yoga, and therefore Hinduism, is okay for Christians – which it is not. – Yoga and the Sin of Scandal Posted on … Continue reading Can Catholics Really Do Yoga?

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The Problem with Harry Potter

Here we go; whether you believe it or not. I would take the advice of the Chief Vatican Exorcist and an Ex-High Wizard Satanist over someone’s over-attatched opinion on H.P.  any day. Here a quite and clear cut article on our lovely British Wizard, Harry Potter. HARRY POTTER NO, BUT LORD OF THE RINGS YES? This wonderful Catholic gentleman explains this quite well, better than … Continue reading The Problem with Harry Potter

Why Families Need Traditional Parishes

Originally posted on liturgy guy:
Life Site News recently published a thoughtful opinion piece, “What I’m Never Going to Tell You About Homeschooling“,by Elizabeth Foss. I recommend this article to all homeschool families or those who may be considering it for their children. In short the author reminds people that, while homeschooling may give families a “better shot” of raising holy children who will grow… Continue reading Why Families Need Traditional Parishes

9 Women Who Would Make A Better President Than Oprah

Ignoring the fact that I personally would prefer a man for President than a woman, no strike that, I’d prefer a Monarchy above all else. But moving on; I am aware that it is near to impossible that any of these women would become president, but I just wanted to throw this out there. Here are my favorite (female) picks for the next Presidential Race… Continue reading 9 Women Who Would Make A Better President Than Oprah

Welcome To Catholic Twitter

 I can’t stop laughing, because the irony is just too funny.  You have probably heard of the Peace love and hot dog Catholics; you know, that one’s that attack you with fallacious statements if you have the audacity to disagree with them? Well here’s a great story: Once upon a time during one of those silly Steubenville Conferences that bring “so many souls to the … Continue reading Welcome To Catholic Twitter

13 Shocking Remarks You Probably Never Knew Martin Luther Said!

If you follow the hugely popular Church of Nice, you may have never heard of this side of the “great” Martin Luther. But here you will meet the side of the first Reformer that you may not have known about. “If Moses should attempt to intimidate you with his stupid Ten Commandments, tell him right out – chase yourself to the Jews” “as long as … Continue reading 13 Shocking Remarks You Probably Never Knew Martin Luther Said!

12 Frequently Asked Questions About Catholic Modesty

  It is no secret that nothing makes Catholic women more spiteful and mean than a Modesty in dress debate; which always turns into a huge argument, and in turn, leaves everyone fit to forget the whole idea of Modesty in Dress. I honestly don’t blame them one bit. The biggest mouths in the Catholic Modesty movement are some of the worst, judgmental, Jansenist, biased and un-Christian people … Continue reading 12 Frequently Asked Questions About Catholic Modesty

Traditional Catholicism 101

REPOSTED! Read post here at original website!   Traditional Catholicism 101: A Brief Primer (FROM FISHEATERS.COM)   A typical scenario: You listen to E.W.T.N. or Catholic Answers and have found through them that the earliest Christians were Catholic, that Catholic dogma is not unscriptural. You become convinced that Jesus Christ did set up a Church, that He did so upon the rock of St. Peter, … Continue reading Traditional Catholicism 101