DI GRAN CUORE. An ADDRESS of Pope Pius XII to a Congress of the “Latin Union of High Fashion” (November 8, 1957.) CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY of OREGON No. Mor057 (1958). Reported in Osservatore Romano, November 9, 1957. Italian text. Translation based in part on one released by National Catholic Welfare Conference News Service. This address... Continue Reading →

Over 70 REAL Chick Flicks!

   Let's get started! Note; If you have Amazon Prime (NOT being paid by them to say this I swear! haha), you can follow the link of the name of the movies and it will send you to where you can watch it for free, if it is available!  Period Films Five Mile Creek. "Follows... Continue Reading →


Something that is seldom taught these days, that still has 100% authentic truth.


Eighth Sunday St. Alphonsus Particular Judgment 1


“Give an account of thy stewardship.” Luke 16: 2

Beloved Christians, of all the goods of nature, of fortune, and of grace, which we have received from God, we are not the masters, neither can we dispose of them as we please; we are but the administrators of them; and therefore we should employ them according to the will of God, who is our Lord. Hence, at the hour of death, we must render a strict account of them to Jesus Christ, our Judge. ”For we must all be manifested before the judgment seat of Christ, that every one may receive the proper things of the body as he hath done, whether it be good or evil.” (2 Cor. v. 10.) This is the precise meaning of that”give an account of thy stewardship,” in the gospel of this day. ”You are not,” says St. Bonaventure…

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Catholics & Yoga

 Yoga is not – and never will be – an exercise regime. In reality, and in the eyes of most people, it is intimately associated with the practice of Hinduism. Your participation in it could make it seem as if the practice of yoga, and therefore Hinduism, is okay for Christians – which it is... Continue Reading →

ALL’S Charity Watchlist

SOURCE - American Life League Charity Watchlist The list of charitable research organizations and their corresponding positions on the life issues posted to our website is neither all pro-life nor all anti-life; it is mixed. Unfortunately, most of the organizations on our list are marked with the red minus sign. It is simply just a... Continue Reading →

The Holy Mass VS The Vulgar Mass

NOTE: Post Photo (MY LITTLE PONY) is from this article. The Holy Mass.... the Sacrifice of the Mass.... Calvary ! WOW! Amazing right? Yes! This means that our Dress, our respect & reverence for the Real Presence of God. This also means reverence in the Music played at mass. I think I'm just going to get right to... Continue Reading →

Liberal Editor of U.S. Catholic Magazine; Another One Bites the Dust.

US Catholic is a magazine that is unfortunately popular amongst Catholics - thought it is known for its anti-Catholic leanings such as Women Priests, downplaying abortion as important, promotion of LGBT and others. See also my review here. You would hope that with a large spread of readers from all over - Catholic & non-Catholic... Continue Reading →

Tis the end of the world. The end of all things. The Catholic Church is done for. It seems that no two Bishops / Cardinals agree on anything theological, and don't even get me started on Pope Francis!  Yes. There is a point to this mindless drivel.  My point is to tell ya'll that THE END IS NOT... Continue Reading →

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