‘To break down Catholicism, you must first suppress the woman’ – Disquieting Letter Written By The Italian Carbonari

Here is something QUITE interesting!

 The Alta Vendita, “is a document, originally published in Italian in the 19th century, purportedly produced by the highest (Freemason) lodge of the Italian Carbonari and written by “Piccolo Tigre,” codename for Giuseppe Mazzini.” Freemasons

On their website, Caboneria.it (which states: A site for the study of forest crafts and their symbolic traditions under the auspices of the High Italian Sale of Universal Carbonari – in its original Italian :  Un sito per lo studio dei mestieri forestali e delle loro tradizioni simboliche sotto gli auspìci dell’Alta Vendita Italiana della Carboneria Universale) there is an Italian document that is letters written back and forth from high level freemasons during the 1880s.

In one letter – XI. Letter of Vindex, written by Castellammare, in Nubius, August 9, 1838″ it is mentioned,

“We have undertaken the great corruption, corruption of the people through the clergy, and clergy through us; the corruption that must lead to the burial of the Church. One of our friends, laughed philosophically of our projects and said: ‘To break down Catholicism, you must first suppress the woman’. This sentence is true in a sense, but since we can not suppress the woman, bribe together with the Church. The corruption of the best is the worst. The aim is very good to tempt gentlemen, like us. May we not run after some miserable satisfaction and personal vendetta. The best knife to assassinate the Church and strike at the heart, is corruption. Therefore work until the end!”

 Here is the original Italian if you speak better Italian than google 😉 

“Noi abbiamo intrapresa la corruzione in grande, la corruzione del popolo per mezzo del clero, e del clero per mezzo nostro, la corruzione che deve condurci al seppellimento della Chiesa. Uno dei nostri amici, giorni sono, rideva filosoficamente dei nostri progetti e diceva: “Per abbattere il cattolicismo bisogna prima sopprimere la donna”. Questa frase è vera in un senso, ma poiché non possiamo sopprimere la donna, corrompiamola insieme colla Chiesa. Corruptio optimi pessima. Lo scopo è assai bello per tentare uomini come noi; non discostiamocene per correr dietro a qualche miserabile soddisfazione di vendetta personale. Il miglior pugnale per assassinare la Chiesa e colpirla nel cuore, è la corruzione. Dunque all’opera sino al termine!”

 Hmmm….. what do YOU think? I know what I think. Have you SEEN the corruption in the Church lately? Mother Church needs so many prayers… let us not forget to pray!

Remember, Satan went after Eve, and used her to get to Adam in the Garden of Eden; causing them both to sin and be exiled.



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