Feeling Sorry

I’m just going to plow right into this one.

 How the heck are we supposed to be able to emotionally, spiritually, feel sorry and terrible for every single awful thing that is going on in the world today!?

This person ran over their kid with their car – on purpose! That person threw their newborn out the window because they didn’t want it anymore! Those people are killing those other people because of some reason or another! ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL AND HAPPENING RIGHT NOW WHAT THE HECK!?

 I can’t even write down the things going on today! Child abuse. Human trafficking. Child prostitution. Child pornography. Pornography in general. Sex education. “Gay marriages”. Martyrdoms of Christians. Scandal in the Church. Ugh ugh ugh.

Every single day there is some more information and news on something terrible and tragical that happened and is happening. As human beings, and Children of God, we are, of course supposed to feel terrible if something happened to another human being! But good grief how are we supposed to emotionally handle being bombarded with such terrible news all the time without somehow becoming somewhat desensitized to it? It’s just not possible to be able to feel sorry and awful about every single bad thing happening? No wonder so many people have become Lukewarm to the world; and don’t want to hear anymore bad news, and surround themselves with happy, selfish fakery. “Oh the world is fine, peace love and hot dogs.”

What the ding-ding are we supposed to do?

Well, here are a few ideas.

#1. PRAY. Pray for all souls – especially those in most need! Always. Even if there is no bad news that day! Keep praying. But do not make yourself sick over the fact that there is so much bad going on; trust that God hears your prayers. Trust that things are going to be okay for everyone someday. The world is not going to go on forever; Satan controls the world but he does not control everything. Be at peace; pray! Trust.

 Our Lady of America’s message for everyone should be read, especially in these times of great need. Also, Our Lady of Fatima said that “wars are punishments for sin“. It may not be the sinners that are punished, but the punishments are happening. We need to FIX OURSELVES, our SOULS, and pray for all souls. Sin is rampant; and this is why there is so much violence out there.

#2. Don’t go “looking for bad news ! Especially from the secular media; as they love to revel in what makes people react. I never read our Telegram & Gazette because of their not-so-subtle anti-Catholic and anti-Christian leanings. Their news is all bad, and depressing; so why read it? WHY read news from the media that so heartily promised Hillary Clinton and her supporters that she was going to be the next president? (ahahahaha! Sorry.) The same media that so loves to spread “that which Pope Francis never said“, and lies (yes, literal lies) about good people and good organizations?

On the other hand, we still must be informed on the important things that we can pray about, and do our part in (such as the pro life movement and the goings on of the Church!) But! Always be sure that the Catholic media that is promoting this news are not doing so for their own benefit, but for the salvation of souls and the glory of God. This humility is a great sign that these people are serious about the Faith, and about spreading truth. The Church Militant is the number one “news outlet” (actually, the only news outlet) that I follow nowadays. Every day I watch the Headlines by Christine Niles that explain in about three minutes what is new, bad AND GOOD. But only what is really important to know; not useless information.

Always, their information keeps me informed on what is happening; yet it doesn’t overwhelm because it is ALWAYS in the light and hope and truth of Christ. Because it is not a news media that is against God; that is without God.

 You cannot expect an ungodly media to give news truthfully, and with any sort of real, Christian hope.

#3. Find a GOOD, Catholic, news outlet. See above. 🙂

That’s all for now!

Until next time, God bless!


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