Attacking the Person


 Yes, it is true that we are all sinners, and that even those in positions of authority or of education have their faults; but that does not mean that if they mess up, it’s okay. It means that we must realize that their fault; their “messed up moment” was not, in fact, OK. 

This DOES NOT mean that we attack the person! We must love the sinner and hate the sin (how many times have we heard this quoted?). For example; I love Johnnette Benkovic, but I hate her very low-cut shirts. Because it causes a distraction (to me!) and is not a very good example for other women (such as myself) when it comes to dressing modestly. If I wore a shirt that low cut, I would have to do some pretty interesting moves to make sure that it did not show more cleavage than I wanted it too… which is none; when I bend down to pick something up, when I bend forward, when I put my arms together. Cleavage is never a good thing.

 But this doesn’t mean that I hate or dislike Johnnette Benkovic! In fact, her talks are very beautiful, and she is doing such beautiful work with other people. But this does not mean that her low-cut shirts are “Ok” because she is an amazing person and beautiful speaker; it means that she, like you and I, is not perfect.

Johnnette Benkovic

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