Is THAT Our Lady?

This is one of many terrible things that have been coming out around the 1960’s. It is SUPPOSED to be a statue of Our Lady of the Angels… uhm, yeah no.

The Cathedral that has the statue is in Los Angeles; the original Basilica had burned down in the 1940’s. After a lot of “debate” and controversy, it was decided to sell the original building and just build a new one. Unfortunately the new building looks terrible.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is an impressive and unusual building that makes minimal use of right angles and incorporates the latest techniques for earthquake safeguards…..

The bronze doors and the statue of the Virgin Mary over the entrance were designed by Robert Graham, a local California sculptor and husband of Angelica Houston. He died in December 2008, shortly after being inducted into the California Hall of Fame.”

Mary does not wear the traditional veil. Her arms are bare, outstretched to welcome all. Her carriage is confident, and her hands are strong, the hands of a working woman. From the side can be seen a thick braid of hair down her back that summons thoughts of Native American or Latina women. Other characteristics, such as her eyes, lips and nose convey Asian, African and Caucasian features. Without the conventional regal trappings of jewels, crown or layers of clothing, she has a dignity that shines from within.’.


The statue has been mocked by conservatives as an ugly deviation from the long tradition of Sacred Art. It is common that various cultures will depict Our Blessed Mother as African, Asian, or Middle Eastern, but never before has a statue attempted to blend all these together. The statue’s lack of femininity and queenly garb has led many to comment that “it” looks gender neutral as well as ethnically neutral.

Not helping the statue is the Cathedral itself, which is a complete deviation from Sacred Architecture. The structure has been compared to bomb shelter and even a pagan temple.”


Now, when compared to ANY other Catholic, approved depiction of the Blessed Virgin Mary… nah, I’m not even going to go there. This statue is a farce.


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