Le Vrai “Les Miserables”- The Real “Les Mis”

Les Miz is all the rage. But after reading the book, I found that the movie barely resembles it. For one example; the Catholic Bishop Charles-François-Bienvenu Myriel is not protrayed as he was in the book. He was like a Saint; who opposed the poverty of the people (yet, opposed to violence and bloodshed – what the Revolution would be later). He constantly went out and helped the poor; and lived very poorly himself because of it. He was a real model of sainthood.

 That is just one example. 

But my main issue is with the fact that the movie, Les Miserable 2012, portrayed the side of the Revolution in a good light; with, in the end, showing all the “martyrs” cheering, waving their red flags in a sort of victory in heaven (or wherever they are….), along with the Monument, “The Elephant of the Bastille“, singing “do you hear the people sing!?”

They show the terrible unjust, and inhumane treatment of the poor, and how they lived, but failed on their portrayal of the Rebellion as… well, bad as well! Those red flags? Yeah, that’s Communism. It’s not a good thing. FYI. In the time of the “June rebellion“, which is portrayed in the movie (and in the book), The French  Revolution had already happened; the June rebellion was yet another fight to re-start the Communistic and bloody Revolution – because they thought that is what would solve their problems. Uhm. No…

Also, there are an annoyingly large amount of busty women, which is extremely annoying. Mrs Thenardier is one example. Then the song, “Lovely Ladies“, showing the prostitutes, and the initiation of Fantine way too explicitly. We get it… prostitution… she became one.. we don’t need that many details thank you.

During the song the Thenardier’s sing, “Master of the House” there is yet another scene that is a disgusting portrayal; when they steal money from a man.. well… with a prostitute shall we say? UGH. Just because these are not portrayed as GOOD people doing these things doesn’t mean it’s not impure to watch. 


 On a more personal and opinionated note; The songs were really pretty sure, but the constant singing of words just, really, annoyed me.

Oh well; yet another book that society has ruined. It’s only too bad (and a bit sickening) that it is on the list of “Top 100 Pro-Catholic Movies” on the National Catholic Register’s website. Its number 17 in case you were wondering. Again, I cry out, UGH. 

Why must we focus on the little “good” from something that is mostly bad!? Haven’t we all heard the phrase, “In Order to do Good, We May Have to Engage in Evil” ? Well, it’s not true; and it is positively NOT Catholic. 

Unfortunately, most film portrayals of “Les Miserables” are not that great either; BUT THERE IS ONE! It is actually REALLY good; of course, don’t expect it to be as good as the book but it is quite good!

 It is the 1978 version.


 Until next time; God bless!


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