Whould YOU Be Attracted To It?

In the 1970’s Catholic Churches were terribly distorted in an effort to “get rid of distractions and put the focus on God.” The Blessed Sacrament was moved from the middle of the Church to the side, a table was placed in the middle instead of the Altar, the Priest now sat where the Blessed Sacrament once was, the beautiful statues were thrown away and IF they were replaced they were replaced with ugly ones, the stained glass windows were taken down, the amazing paintings were painted over on the walls – all in all the entire building was created to “appeal to the Protestants” rather than show the beauty of what the Catholic Church has to offer, and nevermind the whole “worshipping God” thing, we’re too busy trying to prove to Protestants that our Church is cooler….

Now, there are many arguments as to why this happened, and why it is “bad”, but I am not going to do that. Because there are already plenty of articles out there that explain this terrible atrocity that is “modern Church art”. What I am going to do is to ask YOU a question.

 If a non-Catholic were to see this building; would it truly inspire him to join the Catholic Faith? Would it lift his mind, heart and thoughts to God? Would it inspire him to pray to God? Would its beauty move him?



Perhaps if he was an architect?

In contrast, what about these Churches? “16 Churches So Beautiful They’ll Take Your Breath Away


“…sacred art is meant to instill in us a religious fervor, and recall the mysteries of our faith.
Crucifixes such as these do not even portray the wounds of the Passion.

They do not raise religious fervor.

And they are only avenues for artists who should not be creating sacred art because they are anything but sacred.” (source)

 Below; which of these would truly inspire reverence, respect, love, awe for the Faith? For God? For holy things? For spiritual things? For things of Heaven? A firm foundation of what the Church truly teaches? Which portrays true Catholicism in its form?

PicMonkeygggg Collage.jpg



PicMonkey ggg.jpg

(Right source) (left – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary by contempoary, Catholic artist Michael O,Brien)


There isn’t much left to say.. there are reasons why Catholicism has so much beauty in its art, and there is much symbolism. You cannot just decide that something mightb e a good idea because some people think so… the Church has been around forever, and it is GOD’S church – I’m pretty sure they know what they are doing.

Check out this fun Quiz; “Modernist Church or Communist Building?”

Until next time, God bless & stay Traditional 😉


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