Modern Catholics & the Imitation of Christ

I began reading “The Imitation of Christ” for Nineveh 90, every night I’d read a short chapter, in hopes of reading the entire book. What I’ve found is a treasure chest of knowledge, especially concerning the craziness of today, and the unfortunate “ad hominum” “full of fallacies” Catholic writers, to whom the average Catholic and non Catholic go to for their religious information and opinions.

Book 1 chapter 4, “We must not trust every word or impulse but cautiously and patiently weigh the matter according to God. Alas! oftentimes is evil more readily believed and spoken of another than good; so weak we are.

But perfect men do not easily believe every tale-teller for they know human weakness is prone to evil and very apt to slipped in speech.


It is great wisdom not to be rash and what is to be done and not to persist obstinately in our own opinions. It is a part of this wisdom also not to believe everything men say, nor straight way to pour into the ears of others what we have heard or believed.

Take counsel of a wise and conscientious man and seek rather to be instructed by one that is better than to follow thine own inventions.

A good life make a man wise according to God and giveth great experience.

The more humble anyone is in heart and the more in subjection to God, so much the wiser will he be in all things and the more at peace.”

Chapter 5 book one, ” let not the authority of the author be in thy way whether he be a little or great learning but let love of simple truth leave thee to read.

Inquire not who may have said a thing but consider what is said.

What wisdom that we can find in the book of “the imitation of Christ”! Of course we must also read this with prudence, as with all things.

As Catholics we have an enormous responsibility of being good examples to others who are new to Catholicism or falling away from Catholicism or even non-catholics. For we are raised in the truth of God and His Catholic Church and to be a bad example, so much so that it brings a soul away from God’s Church, shame on us!

The weight of the loss of a soul is so very great; we must learn the faith, know the faith and not speak in fallacies or in rash judgment or with detraction or with vulgar words. We must always be the face of Christ to others in how we speak, how we dress and how we act towards others. Being a writer does not change anything about this, but rather it makes it all the more important to be good Christ-like examples: always speaking the truth with Charity, clarity and love of the souls that maybe reading.

Let us all, me included, strive to be better Catholics and to be the best examples, the best faces of Catholicism that we can be in this time of great division , distraction and demonic influence.

You must be very careful as not to use any fallacies, or attack the person, but instead: attack the person’s view if it is wrong and correcting him with charity and clarity. For the Church of Jesus Christ; the Catholic Church, deserves its name to be wiped clean from all Scandal and bad example.

It is up to us Catholics! Are we going to focus on spreading gossip about others, especially other Catholics? Are we going to commit the sin of detraction and spread the past and “forgiven” sins of other Catholics?

Or will we be truly the church militant? Fighting for the truth with charity and clarity, fighting to preserve the good name of the Catholic church and righting the wrongs that has been done against her, and explaining the wrongs that are being committed, with charity and clarity, and overall being good, loving, true Catholics who love the faith, who love God and who want everyones soul to be saved and not one more soul to be damned? Are we more like the saints of the church or like the world, when it comes to our way of going about things?

Would God approve of what you are going to write or say or do? Always remember that being a Catholic, we represent the Catholic Church; in Society, on Earth, and on the internet. Let’s not let our Lord down for He has suffered enough: there are souls to be saved, including ours.

There is a great battle of Good and Evil that is becoming more and more obvious as the years go by. Which side will you choose? There is no middle ground in this fight no matter how hard you may try. Always remember what our Lord said about the lukewarm; that He will vomit them out of His mouth!

Just a little something to ponder, my dear reader.

God bless and keep it Trad!




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