I Reviewed the USCCB on Facebook and It Ain’t Pretty

 This is what happens when a youth who is actually evangelized in the One True Faith decides to tell the USCCB what they really think of the job they are doing.

Perhaps they will reply? If they do, I am expecting more of a pat on the head from them, or a nasty revolt from other “Catholic’s” – but we shall see.


“The USCCB has become a just a club of government – funded liberals with big mouths on issues that have nothing to do with the Spiritual. It seems they have lost touch with Catholicism, and have forgotten that we all have souls, and that unrepentant Mortal Sin damns a soul to Hell for eternity.

Thanks for speaking out on fake issues such as “climate change” which has been proven to be false, and for calling out the President on Immigration issues as if it were as important as the killing of innocent children in the womb.
How about calling out the terrible Gay Mafia that is dragging down millions of souls to Hell!? Or the terrible blasphemies and sacrileges that occur in the Church today!? Or the fact that over 90% of Catholics use contraceptives!? (Which btw is a Mortal Sin… if you haven’t figured that out.)

Thanks for being silent on all the serious issues and promoting “feelings based” NON Catholic evangelization tools that are doing nothing to teach the faithful about what the Catholic Faith teaches on Homosexuality, MODESTY in DRESS, Abortion, Contraceptives, The Holiness of the Mass, and the entire culture of Catholicism in general.
Thanks for not taking a stand against the “Catholic” Relief Services who use their money to distribute Contraceptives ! In October 2016 they succeeded in distributing 2.25 million units of contraception in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Want proof? Look at the evidence Lepanto Institute has dug up!

“..evidence gleaned from dozens of government documents, this report will
demonstrate that in a federally-funded program conducted between 2006 and 2010, Catholic Relief Services received and facilitated the delivery of 2.25 million units of contraception in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Inventory reports found in these carefully vetted and very detailed government documents show that CRS stored and helped distribute Depo Provera (injectable contraception), Lo-femenal and Ovrette (oral contraceptives), Intra Uterine Devices, male and female condoms, IUD insertion kits, and even surgical sterilization kits. The documents also reveal that through CRS’s efforts, “family planning” messaging and commodities were integrated into vaccination, neonatal, PMTCT and other aspects of the USAID-funded project in question. The documents further reveal that because of the efforts of Catholic Relief Services and its partners, the use of modern birth control methods skyrocketed among a people who had almost no knowledge of such things before the program commenced.”

Thanks USCCB…. thanks a lot. You are in my prayers… as ya’ll need it terribly. For you will have to attest to Almighty God for each damned soul that you helped send to Hell for eternity.

Sorry if this isn’t the “oblivious, optimistic, happy, nice” speech on the Faith in the US that you’d like to hear from a “Youth” but, it’s the Truth. Wouldn’t you rather hear that?

May God have mercy on your souls….”

Until next time… God bless & Keep It Trad!


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