11 Catholic Books You Need To Add To Your Summer Reading List Right Now!

1. Light and Peace


Oh. My Goodness! What an amazing book! Honestly it is one of the first books that literally left me with “Peace”. So beautiful and easy to read. Short snippets and chapters make it easy to devour over a short amount of time, or read bits each night!

You can buy the book here, or download it  Click to download PDF file


2. Purgatory Explained by the Lives & Legends of the Saints


I had to re-add this book to this list! I can’t believe I forgot it! Its actually what got me started on getting a list of good books to read up here! Anyway; this book is EXCELLENT. It scares you to death in the beginning, proving the existence of Purgatory and talking about different encounters, and what it’s like and such, and then shows you simple ways on how you can actually work on avoiding Purgatory!

You can buy this book here OR read it online here!


3. The Imitation of Christ


Another easy to read book that will calm and soothe your soul like Burt’s Bee’s Balm!

You can read the text online here or buy it here!


4. Keeping The Faith


Such a good book! Keeping the Faith, “A Young Catholic’s Guide for Coping with the Secular World”, by Dr. Paul Lavin. This is essential reading for students of Catholic schools and home-schooling programs who are launching out into a world hostile to their Faith.

Very honest, and common-sensed (yes, that’s a word…). Unlike most books I have read that are on the same subject.

You can buy the book here!


5. The Secret of the Rosary


As a “A.D.D” reader it takes a lot for me to be able to sit down and read a book fully. But this small book is honestly one of the best. It has shorter chapters and is very easy to read. And what a message! So Beautiful! Guaranteed to bring you closer to Lady.

You can read it online here or buy it here!

6. The Way


“Beloved by millions, The Way is St. Josemaría’s spiritually rich collection of points for meditation and prayer. Genial but pointed, The Way is born out of deep Christian experience and aims at encouraging people to love God and live for Him. Says St. Josemaría: The 999 points which make up The Way were written with yearnings to see Christ, the light of the world. Anyone who reads it with the same yearnings will not have opened this book in vain. This mini-edition fits easily into the most jammed purse or pocket.”

 Read it online here or purchase it here!

7. Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue


The third edition of the wonderful book by Rita Davidson, with a beautiful new forward by Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand! This book will answer every single oneof your Catholic Modesty questions and then some! You can read my book review here.

You can purchase it here!

8. The Weapon


Excellent book that explores the power of the Rosary! Perfect for the “manly Catholic”, as it looks at each Mystery through the lenses of a battle strategy. So different, yet fascinating is this approach that I recommend to anyone!

You can purchase it here!


9. Militant:

Resurrecting Authentic Catholicism


Another fascinating read by the same author as the above book! I recommend every Catholic read this!

“How many Catholic souls have been lost over these past fifty years? How many have walked away from the Catholic faith for a false religion or for no religion at all? And why does practically no one in the Church ever speak in these terms anymore?

The Church has lost Her self-understanding: Catholics no longer understand who they are, what their role in history is, or what is their proper relationship to God. This has come about as the result of a devastating demolition of Catholic life, where Catholics cohabit, contracept, divorce and abort at the same rate as non-Catholics, and in some cases at even higher rates.

Today’s bishops are in a state of what one Canadian bishop has called “managing the decline.” The culture has turned against Catholic morality and will soon turn completely against the Church itself. Litigation, legislation, and other forms of organized attacks will soon force Catholics to choose between apostasy and martyrdom.

This book is meant to help Catholics understand the nature of the crisis and the failure of the leadership that has brought it about, and awaken Catholics to the serious need to get our spiritual lives in order if we wish to gain Heaven.”

“Anyone seeking clarity about the crisis facing the Catholic Church today can do no better than to read [Militant]. While whole libraries have been written about the post-Vatican II Church and ideas about how the Church can renew itself ??? think about the new cottage industry devoted to the ‘New Evangelization’ ??? few of these books have the breadth, depth or eloquence Voris brings to the subject.” ~Jay McNally

You can purchase the book here!


10. This Is The Faith


Personally I have found this version of the Catechism even more easier to understand than the JPII one! Perhaps its because I am “a bear of little brain” and it doesn’t take much to confuse me, but, anyway…

This book is liken to a Catechism, yet a little bit different. It explains the Faith so perfectly and simply, that its quite easy to get lost in it and soak in every word!

Purchase the book for only $1.99 here!


11. The Little Children’s Prayer Book


Such a sweet little book! The language that Mother Mary uses stirs the little child in us and encourages us to be obedient to God and Love Him. It includes prayer, meditations, an examination of conscience, the mass, and more.

Purchase here!


Which ones have YOU read?

Until Next Time! God Bless & Keep It Trad!


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