“(This) video earned her a rebuke from the bishops — but Mother never apologized for it”

 With clips from this article on ChurchMilitant.com

So many Catholics today proclaim their love and admiration for Mother Angelica. But do they honestly love everything she used to say or just what makes them feel good?

This amazing, blessed, and virtuous little nun gained many enemies with this talk; including the Abp. Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee, who condemned her in a diocesan editorial.

“We cannot continue this senseless and heartless condemning of one another. … For a half hour she ranted and raved about all the abuses since Vatican II, according to her own personal judgment which, of course, she equates with that of the Holy Father. It was one of the most disgraceful, un-Christian, offensive, and divisive diatribes I have ever heard.”

To which Mother replied, “…He can go put his head back in the toilet, as far as I am concerned.”

 Oh if only we all had the guts to do what she did. I honestly could not have said it better myself.

Today praise for her enthusiasm for the faith and her blunt attitude is overwhelming… but are we truly praising her? Or are we praising a shade of what we want to see of her? Are we truly living the Catholic Faith as we should, or are we part of the Liberal Church and all its filth?

 As a Catholic I dare you to watch the entirety of this video and then honestly tell me if you still support and admire Mother.



 It’s time to stop being a bunch of wimpy “christians” so afraid of rocking the boat. Flip the darn thing over and lets get this done right!

Until next time, God bless & keep it Trad!


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