Self Magazine Made A Libtard Post – And Got Soo Much Backlash!

 Okay this is one of the little moments of the Internet where conservatives and real “feminists apostates” (thanks Daisy Cousens! 😉 ) get a word in first for once.

Even though they claim, “SELF Magazine Wellness is for everyone. Come as you are. #TeamSELF ” I guess Self Magazine they don’t really take into account the women who disagree wholeheartedly with the Feminazi Method on Women’s “Health Care” AKA Abortion Rights AKA Rights to kill their children while in the womb if they so desire it.

Today they posted this photo with a call to action!


“Let’s all celebrate National Women’s Health Week by talking loudly and passionately about the things happening in our politics right now that pose a real threat to women’s health, public health, and global health. At SELF it’s our job to talk and think about things that impact health and wellness—our mission is to empower people with information and tools so they can make healthier, better informed choices for themselves, their communities, and the world. Our Editor-in-Chief @carolynkylstra recently wrote a column about three major health topics that impact all of our daily lives: affordable health care; reproductive health care rights; and combating climate change. (🔗 in bio.) It’s urgent that our elected officials take these topics seriously and we also hold them accountable by communicating our expectations and then voting them out of office if they don’t serve us well. Alright #TeamSELF let’s make some noise! ✏️: @carolynkylstra 📷: @gettyimages | #regram #womenshealthweek”

Oh boy, not sure if they were expecting the “loud” and “passionate” response they’d receive from women!

Out of the 22 comments that followed, 3-4 were in support.  The rest of the comments went a little something like this:

 Pretty sure not all women agree with the facade that Planned Parenthood is promoting – that ALL women want whatever Planned Parenthood says they want.

Until the Pro-Choice nasties arrive and make sure to blast every single one of the opposers and staunchly support PP; let’s just appreciate this lovely moment of when the real feminists’ voices were seen. If not for a moment.

Until Next Time – God Bless & Keep It Trad!


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