Adorable Swim Suits for Summer 2017!

So my little sis is going to the beach next week, and was having a lot of trouble trying to figure out a bathing suit. She had the one piece and a rash guard. We went online and searched for a leggings plus mini skirt set, and spent almost $60! Fortunately we decided to go to Walmart – (we canceled the order) and found everything she needed for an excellent price!! Yayy. So here it is! How cute is she?

So she found leggings, the skirt and a new rash guard to match! Its all light and the perfect swim materiel (it was all from the exercise section), and goes over her one piece perfectly !!








….and her One Piece was actually brand new from a thrift shop!

My bathing suit is a bit different. This year I wanted something that wasn’t a million layers and looked feminine. So I ordered this bathing suit from CreationsBySavannah on Etsy!

Here is the suit, and I picked a cute color that she is going to make it in!


Here is the color;


It’s more pricey than my sisters, but this year I sprang for a one piece, feminine, plus sized suit!

I hope ya’ll are having good luck as well when it comes to bathing suits! Remember; its only as difficult as you make it! As someone who wear a size 22; I can tell you that there is always a way around immodesty !  Until next time, God bless & Keep It trad!



2 thoughts on “Adorable Swim Suits for Summer 2017!

  1. What a great idea, using inexpensive exercise clothing as swimwear! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have the legging + skirt set from Kosher Casual, but need a top to go along with it. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Walmart soon 😉


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