Traditional Catholicism 101

REPOSTED! Read post here at original website!   Traditional Catholicism 101: A Brief Primer (FROM FISHEATERS.COM)   A typical scenario: You listen to E.W.T.N. or Catholic Answers and have found through them that the earliest Christians were Catholic, that Catholic dogma is not unscriptural. You become convinced that Jesus Christ did set up a Church, that He did so upon the rock of St. Peter, … Continue reading Traditional Catholicism 101

On a Positive Note!

July 18, 2016: On Saturday, more than 600 men walked through the streets of Royal Oak, Michigan, taking part in a eucharistic procession for reparation and mercy. (click picture to watch video) The trend is undeniable. Diocese after diocese is being forced to close parishes and parish schools, owing to falling numbers of practicing Catholics. And the other unrecorded fact nationally is that back in … Continue reading On a Positive Note!

I Reviewed the USCCB on Facebook and It Ain’t Pretty

 This is what happens when a youth who is actually evangelized in the One True Faith decides to tell the USCCB what they really think of the job they are doing. Perhaps they will reply? If they do, I am expecting more of a pat on the head from them, or a nasty revolt from other “Catholic’s” – but we shall see. “The USCCB has … Continue reading I Reviewed the USCCB on Facebook and It Ain’t Pretty

Gossiping Catholic Media & Rash Judgement: A Correcting of

The well-known Catholic gave the above website a somewhat terrible, and quite unfair review; and I will prove them quite wrong, and hopefully clear up any misconceptions any person may have about Fish Eaters. Continue reading Gossiping Catholic Media & Rash Judgement: A Correcting of

Finding Rest in Common-Sense Catholicism

Today the world is in shambles. Upheaval; “protests”, such and such. But the worst, truly is the split down the middle of the Catholic Church. Where you have improperly Catechized Catholics making erroneous decisions on morals & politics – versus scrupulous  Catholics who believe that if you are having fun, holding hands, or laughing a lot, it’s probably a sin. (Sarcasm. btw.) What we truly … Continue reading Finding Rest in Common-Sense Catholicism

The Shocking Truth About Bikinis

Most women have no idea – I want to include the innocent middle woman here – and would probably like to know this information since it really has a huge impact on how they are viewed, and treated. It involves them very deeply, and they have a right to know all the information. You can only make a truly informed decision if you have all … Continue reading The Shocking Truth About Bikinis