Self Magazine Made A Libtard Post – And Got Soo Much Backlash!

 Okay this is one of the little moments of the Internet where conservatives and real "feminists apostates" (thanks Daisy Cousens! 😉 ) get a word in first for once. Even though they claim, "SELF Magazine Wellness is for everyone. Come as you are. #TeamSELF " I guess Self Magazine they don't really take into account... Continue Reading →


Why I Cannot Support the SSPX

  The SSPX Being a self-proclaimed “Trad” Catholic, I am in absolute love with the Extra-ordinary Form of the Mass (The Latin Mass). The reverence, the veils, the altar boys, the capital C Catholic communities, the beautiful families, the Latin, the Real Catholic faith being lived out… all of it! Though I dearly love the... Continue Reading →

“(This) video earned her a rebuke from the bishops — but Mother never apologized for it”

 With clips from this article on So many Catholics today proclaim their love and admiration for Mother Angelica. But do they honestly love everything she used to say or just what makes them feel good? This amazing, blessed, and virtuous little nun gained many enemies with this talk; including the Abp. Rembert Weakland of... Continue Reading →

11 Catholic Books You Need To Add To Your Summer Reading List Right Now!

1. Light and Peace Oh. My Goodness! What an amazing book! Honestly it is one of the first books that literally left me with "Peace". So beautiful and easy to read. Short snippets and chapters make it easy to devour over a short amount of time, or read bits each night! You can buy the book here, or... Continue Reading →

On a Positive Note!

July 18, 2016: On Saturday, more than 600 men walked through the streets of Royal Oak, Michigan, taking part in a eucharistic procession for reparation and mercy. (click picture to watch video) The trend is undeniable. Diocese after diocese is being forced to close parishes and parish schools, owing to falling numbers of practicing Catholics.... Continue Reading →

Catholic Relief Services and the Distribution of Abortifacient Contraception in the Congo

An investigative report into CRS’s participation in the distribution of 2.25 million units of contraception in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Click this link to read entire document!)  Click on the link below to download the entire PDF file! CRS-AXxess-Report_Final   Until next time God bless and Keep It Trad!  

I Reviewed the USCCB on Facebook and It Ain’t Pretty

 This is what happens when a youth who is actually evangelized in the One True Faith decides to tell the USCCB what they really think of the job they are doing. Perhaps they will reply? If they do, I am expecting more of a pat on the head from them, or a nasty revolt from... Continue Reading →


DI GRAN CUORE. An ADDRESS of Pope Pius XII to a Congress of the “Latin Union of High Fashion” (November 8, 1957.) CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY of OREGON No. Mor057 (1958). Reported in Osservatore Romano, November 9, 1957. Italian text. Translation based in part on one released by National Catholic Welfare Conference News Service. This address... Continue Reading →

Over 70 REAL Chick Flicks!

   Let's get started! Note; If you have Amazon Prime (NOT being paid by them to say this I swear! haha), you can follow the link of the name of the movies and it will send you to where you can watch it for free, if it is available!  Period Films Five Mile Creek. "Follows... Continue Reading →

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